Hospitals: Watford General


I visited Watford General Hospital to observe the staff and the people who use the hospital. I identified key areas that I felt are issues within the hospital.

  • Long waiting times.
  • Nothing to read or look at.
  • Lack of staff letting you know what’s happening.
  • Adult wards are very bland. No colour.
  • TV is expensive.
  • Children’s ward is much more entertaining. Needs to be incorporated into other units.
  • Extremely busy, staff rushing around.
  • Everyone sitting on their phones, looking bored not socialising.



Whilst there I also interviewed a lady who was waiting with her son in A&E.

Hello what have you come in for today?

  • My son has possibly broken his foot and we are waiting for an X-ray.

Are there any issues you have found with the hospital so far?

  • The service is very slow. We’ve been waiting here for an hour and a half already (looks at watch).

What are your opinions on the waiting room/area?

  • Very dull. There is no colour, nothing really to read. It needs to be brightened up with some colour or interactivity to keep people alert and more interested.

How are you keeping yourselves entertained?

  • We’ve been playing games on our phones.

Are there any other issues that immediately strike you?

  • Not really, just that it’s boring with the long waiting times. It’s very slow even though everyone seems to be rushing.

How do you think the hospital experience can be improved?

  • In terms of waiting, brightening up the waiting areas and having the seating less regimented and more inviting. Not making people wait in corridors that in patients and staff need to use to maximum space. I feel the walls could do with a little colour and they could provide some interactive medical related activities to enhance the waiting experience.
  • Also in terms of the wards from previous experience, they could do with catagorising the patients more efficiently. Similar age ranges together and the more outgoing confident chatty people together. People with similar impalements together.
  • Finally not putting those who need to be in an orthopaedics ward on a maternity ward.

They were finally called into X-ray and the interview concluded.


Imperial War Museums

On 17th January 2015, I paid a visit to the Imperial War Museums in Lambeth North for research. I entered the museum from the north entrance.

North Entrance

Problem 1: The instructions of the museum is not clear, visitors are easily get lost. Observation:

  • Some people, including me, think there is probably a way to go up to higher levels near the north entrance, but find only dead ends at the end of the corridor.
  • Comparing to other museums, there are much more visitors holding maps of the museum.

10403022_1607916382761514_8093280310097215436_n Problem 2: The explanation of the exhibited objects are posted quite randomly and in lots of colors.


10915241_1607916369428182_6313759949012532127_n 10926373_1607916446094841_4693314081221918596_n

Problem 3: There are too many screens and interactive installations in the exhibitions, which results in lots of people gathering in front of the screens and get stuck.

Problem 4: There is not enough instructions of how the exhibitions are being viewed. For example: what the exhibition is? Where to start? etc.

I felt very lost while going through the areas of the museum. After going to all the floors, I pretended I was new to the museum and went to the information desk on floor 0. I asked the staff if she could suggest any routes or ways to see all the exhibitions. She said visitors are suppose to go from the top down to the bottom (But the entrance is on floor 1, and visitors have to go to floor 0 first and go up, for which no instruction is given).