Interview – Staff

1. How does the museum keep track of the number of visitors?

We have a system called: ‘Magic eye’ which is a camera that picks up people coming in from the main entrance.

2. Do you frequently get asked for directions around the museum by the visitors?

Yes all the time.

3. Is it important to know the popularity of each exhibit?


4.How do you control congestion?

Main gallery WW1 is the most popular exhibit. At extremely busy times (rarely happens, usually October Half-term) we ask visitors to queue outside floor one and do a timed entry with tickets for every 15 minutes.

5. Would it be useful if there was something informing you how full/empty the rooms were?

We would like to have exact numbers. It would be useful to know the usage for each room, and how well the exhibitions are doing for curating. Also for safety reasons and crowd control.


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